Made in America Fashion Recap: Mob Wife and Mob Boss Style for the Creativo x Ferrari Party

The Made in America party thrown by Creativo in partnership with the Ferrari Club was epic! Embracing mob boss glamour, female guests donned flamboyant animal prints and skintight dresses dripping in gold accessories. Men channeled mobster flair in pinstripe suits, unbuttoned silk shirts exposing chest hair, slick hair, and chunky gold jewelry. The opulent Miami mansion oozed nouveau riche mobster chic as fashion celebrated la dolce vita's darker, masculine edge.

Top Trend: Animal Prints

Guests arrived draped in bold animal prints, channeling fierce glamour. Leading the pack were 90 Day Fiancé stars and twins Darcey Silva and Stacey Silva rocking a bold leopard print. The body-hugging ensemble epitomized the mob wife's blend of sex appeal and strength. Others donned zebra, cheetah, and snakeskin prints on slinky dresses, curve-clinging separates, and statement pieces. Hilda Olafsson of Helix 7 vodka even wore zebra print tall boots! From shimmery metallics to vibrant colors, the animal accents created a scene of unabashed glamour.

Edgy and Sassy: Black Leather or Red

Leather for a twist! In a celebration of edgy leather chic, guests showcased daring leather ensembles. Two friends turned heads in form-fitting red leather dresses, the supple material accentuated with intricate grommet and zipper details that added a punk rock flair. Ana Reyes earned an honorable mention, pairing sleek leather pants with a statement top that commanded attention. From biker jackets to corset-style bodysuits, guests embraced leather's tough yet undeniably sexy vibe. The sensual material clung to curves, its glossy sheen exuding an aura of power and defiance against conservative norms. Leather reigned supreme as the fabric of rebellion and uncompromising style.

Classic Mob Wife Vibes: Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry reigned at the Made in America party as guests embraced lavish layering. Dripping in chunky gold chains, oversized hoops, and blinged-out rings, attendees channeled an audacious opulence. Real Housewives of Miami star Kiki Barth exemplified the gilded aesthetic in a white dress with gold accents. She accessorized with a gold necklace, statement earrings, and stacks of rings adorning her fingers. Singer Oriana Pirela wore an entire gold dress as did influencer Juniee Bee. Other guests from YPO wore weighty Cuban links and gold necklaces piled on in abundance. Gleaming bangles, cuffs, and a kaleidoscope of gemstone-encrusted pieces added to the more-is-more vibe. Dripping in gold's rich luster, the glamorous crowd exuded a mob boss level of unapologetic luxury.

Best Mob Boss Vibes: The Men Brought their best looks!

The evening's best mob boss look belonged to a dapper gent oozing confidence in an impeccably tailored pinstriped suit and orange tie – a bold choice for the occasion. Bonus points for his girlfriend giving us Adriana La Cerva vibes in a cheetah print dress! An honorable mention goes to Mitch, whose gold embellished loafers added an opulent touch to his mobster emsemble. Yuen Yung of Halbar, a sponsor of the fête, earned nods in a color blocked shirt, rarely seen without a cigar in his hand all evening. These sartorial dons exuded an aura of power and prestige befitting Creativo's celebration of luxury and glamour. With slick pomaded hair and unapologetic swagger, they embodied the essence of mobster machismo and uncompromising style.

Special Shoutout to Resident Magazine!

Abigail MacFadden of Creativo, Brandon Travin of Resident Magazine, Dina Joseph

A sincere thank you to Resident Magazine for featuring the Creativo x Ferrari party last week. Your press release was invaluable in attracting an elite crowd to our event. As an esteemed luxury publication, Resident's coverage lent our party a stamp of approval that resonated deeply with your discerning readers. Your support was instrumental in making this one of the must-attend affairs of the season, with many celebrities from Miami attending. We're truly grateful for Resident's partnership in creating this extraordinary luxury experience and look forward to future collaborations.

Last but not least thank you to everyone who came to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Sopranos with us at the Made in American party in Miami Beach! Creativo got its start in Miami and it is still our favorite city. We can’t wait for our the marquee event of the year - our Art Basel event in December. This will be our 5th year anniversary - stay tuned for the best event yet!

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