Cucculelli Shaheen Continues to Rise

at Feb NYFW 2024 Runway Show

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Designer duo behind fashion label, Cucculelli Shaheen (Anthony Cucculelli and Anna Rose Shaheen), has continued their positive impression in ready to wear collections, specializing in evening wear with intricate details, and a balance of rock and roll with soft feminine design.I have had the pleasure of covering their runway shows since their first show at the Bowery Hotel, and this design house has beautifully evolved with each of their collections while maintaining their uniquely identifiable look of elegant couture with some edge.

Top Standout Looks:


Silk tassels

These tassels were seen as details across a number of looks, from overcoats, to tunics, as well as a variety of dresses, most impressively placed on sheer mesh. A great way to provide contrast in texture on a single color garment.

Statement Sleeves

Also a great new feature of this collection were statement sleeves and overlay blouses that were seen across a number of gowns, as well as detachable sleeves on shorter dresses. Especially prominent on the bridal look, this was a beautiful layer to add to the garment.

Embroidery & Details

The intricate embroidery and standout details, beadwork, and patterns has been a hallmark of the design duo. The quality of work immediately makes an impact and adds richness in texture, color, and the presence of the piece(one can hear the details of the garment as it moves).

Bringing the Blazer Dress back

A classic trend that is here to stay, these pieces are the most feminine way to add menswear into one’s wardrobe. Look 33 was the best variation I have seen with a deep neckline and sleeves open at the wrist so the beautiful beading was balanced with a straighter silhouette.



Designer, Anthony Cucculelli has a strong musical background and how it serves not just as a source of inspiration but usually plays a significant role in the runway show itself. I was surprised by the music selection for the runway show, given the strength of the looks and the character of the overall collection as it did pale in comparison.

Variety & Color

Also, some of the straighter silhouettes and more monochromatic looks in blacks, whites, and metallics have become standard across the collections. I would love to see the return of some outstanding colors; the serpent green that was featured in their first runway show, and the crimsons stood out very beautifully as well.