Runway Trends: Paris Fashion Week

Fall / Winter 2024

Designer debuts, tributes to the essence of a brand, and reimagined styles were all to be found this season at Paris Fashion Week. From February 26 to March 5 of 2024, a record-breaking number of 108 shows took place in order to showcase a wide range of distinct Fall/Winter collections.

This season, designers catered towards everyday styles more often than extravagant, other-worldly ensembles, and today we will be breaking down some of the most prevalent trends on the runway as of late.

Chloé FW 2024

Back to Boho:

There is no doubt that after this season we will witness the resurgence of bohemian chic styling, and women will be inclined to pull out their lacey white blouses, vintage denim jeans, and fringed jackets. Marking the anticipated debut of Chemena Kamali, Chloé’s ‘Intuition’ collection made headlines with its well-rounded assortment of 70’s inspired bohemian-chic looks. Kamali’s reliance upon lace, chiffon, and ruffles contributed to the collection’s dreamy, romantic, and light composition.

In alignment with quintessential boho and western inspired styles, Stella McCartney’s assortment featured washed denim, fringe finishes, and faux leather chaps. At Zimmerman and Isabel Marant, designers embraced gentle, feminine florals which further reinforced the influence of nature in this aesthetic.

Sheer Fabrics

Although this trend is challenged by the colder temperatures of Fall and Winter, sheer fabrics truly dominated the runway this season. Nearly half of Valentino’s collection consisted of transparent black tulle, which constructed an aura of sex appeal and sophistication. In opposition, Coperni, Chanel, and Mugler presented looks that were defined by angelic, light-colored fabrics.

Collections by Rabanne, Yves St Laurent, and Marine Serre also featured delicate, sheer garments. From blouses to skirts, it is evident that according to this trend, fashion outweighs comfort and practicality.

Muted Greens

Olive, moss, and army greens dominated the Fall/Winter 2024 collections. Although the color has been quite popular in recent seasons, there is no doubt that we will see a resurgence in green that translates from the runway to retail.

It is clear that designers at Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, and Balmain were devoted to distinguishing this color, as they all incorporated monochromatic green looks within their curations. Furthermore, brands such as Rokh utilized army green in order to emphasize the military-attire trend that was also present across many collections.

Textured Coats

Though we saw the continuation of the “mob-wife” fur coat trend this season, outerwear became even more textured and voluminous in many Fall/Winter 2024 collections. Designers also opted to highlight necklines, and we witnessed a wide range of both structured and bulb-shaped collars.

Textures were undoubtedly the most compelling element displayed by this season’s coats. At Stella McCartney and Sacai, we picked up on the use of rope-like loops and fringes. In addition, Alexander McQueen and Valentino embellished coats with feathers and fluffy furs. The reliance upon texture in various collections made for a number of extravagant, cozy, playful garments.

Plaid Patterns

Plaid patterns were on par with the extensive presence of maximalism this season. Although plaid has prevailed as one of the most essential patterns for Fall/Winter in past years, it is clear that this season’s designers intended for certain outfits to revolve around the pattern rather than the garment.

Schiaparelli and Rabanne portrayed plaid as the focal point of many looks by incorporating it into structured blazers and coats. Furthermore, it was no surprise that plaid was integral to Chanel’s collection, and Loewe’s plaid column dress was a true showstopper. In the near future, we can expect to see an increase in the popularity of plaid dresses and coats for everyday dressing.