Frieze takes Los Angeles for fifth time

boasts over 95 exhibitors, including Summer Wheat at the Nazarian

Frieze Los Angeles, the renowned art fair, took place from February 29th to March 3rd, and it was an absolute blast! This was the fifth time that Frieze made its way to the sunny city of Los Angeles, and once again, it did not disappoint. The event took over the Santa Monica airport hangar, transforming it into a vibrant and captivating space that housed more than 95 exhibitors.

The fair was a visual feast for art enthusiasts, showcasing an impressive array of paintings, sculptures, and photography. It was a true celebration of creativity and talent. One standout moment was the sale by the Gladstone Gallery of a remarkable 2009 Richard Serra drawing, which fetched a staggering $2 million.

Over the course of four days, Frieze Los Angeles attracted a staggering 32,000 visitors. It was a bustling hub of artistic energy, with people from all walks of life coming together to appreciate and explore the world of art. The fair drew in a crowd of notable figures as well. The VIP preview on Thursday saw the likes of "Sex and the City" guru, Michael Patrick King, Giants owner and film producer Steve Tisch, as well as Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Jane Fonda, and Robert Downey Jr., who made a stylish appearance in a plaid suit.

Among the many captivating exhibits, one that truly stood out was the Nazarian booth featuring the work of Summer Wheat Wheat's art challenges traditional gender roles through depictions of labor, leisure, and communal living. Her unique artistic process involves pushing paint through aluminum mesh using her fingers, palette scrapers, syringes, and pastry piping bags. The result is a textured surface in vivid colors that captivates the viewer's imagination.

One of Wheat's key pieces, titled "Holes (2023)," depicted three women in a mythical garden landscape. In this artwork, one woman is shown diligently digging holes, while another leisurely enjoys a carrot. The piece beautifully captures the essence of labor and leisure, inviting us to contemplate the roles we assign to different genders in society. It was truly a thought-provoking and visually captivating masterpiece.

Frieze Los Angeles was an extraordinary event that brought together art enthusiasts from near and far. It showcased the immense talent and creativity of artists from around the world. The fair's vibrant atmosphere and diverse range of exhibits left a lasting impression on all who attended. From the Richard Serra classic to the thought-provoking works of Summer Wheat, Frieze Los Angeles was a celebration of art in all its forms. It kicked off the 2024 art fair season on the west coast with a bang.