arts + finance

Creativo is where the world of art, science, technology, crypto and finance collide. In a world in which communities are becoming more important and decentralized we create events and experiences that bring these ecosystems together.


ELECTRIC FEEL in New York September 12, 2022

IN LIVING COLOR in New York June 22nd 2022

MILAN VOGUE in Milan Italy June 1st, 2022

THE HEIST in Miami May 6th 2022

VOGUE in Miami April 9th 2022

WHAT IS LOVE in LA April 1st 2022

SHOWTIME in LA February 10th 2022

GUANTANAMERA Miami January 26th 2022

THE WOLF IS COMING Miami December 2nd 2021

RAPTURE NYC July 8th 2021

ANY GIVEN SUNDAY Miami January 29th 2020

Adam and Eve Miami December 7th 2019